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Hi, everyone!


My name is Claudia.

I am a delighted mum of 2 (5 and 2), a marketer and the founder of Trendy Mama.


I worked for many years in marketing in various industries and cities like New York, Paris, Madrid and London. I have a passion for traveling. I love discovering the unknown, new countries, cultures and people. Before becoming mummy and daddy, my husband and I went on a world trip, an amazing, unforgettable adventure that inspired me to develop my collection.


Today, I live in Zürich. Becoming a mum changed my life. I had to face a new routine and deal with new priorities. Very quickly I realised that keeping my previous business pace within this new set up would be extremely challenging. I wanted both seeing my daughter grow and developing myself as a professional. I was eager to do something new, different, creating a product that I believed in and that would help other mums as well.


I fell in love with the teething jewelry concept straight away!


I was finally able to wear necklaces and bracelets again! Teething jewelry was safe for my daughter to chew, gnaw on or play with and relieved her from teething’s pain safely. Trendy Mama jewelry and accessories are made of 100% food-grade silicone beads. They are non-toxic (no BPA, phtalathes, cadmium or heavy metals). Furthermore, all necklaces have a safety breakaway clasp that opens easily when your baby pulls on it.


However, I never found designs and models that I really liked and was happy to wear. This is when I started to design and create my own teething jewelry.


I started to create necklaces and bracelets according to trends using bright or sweet colours that would match any style.


Today, I do my best to design and create unique, practical and stylish accessories that set Trendy Mama apart in quality, functionality and design

Trendy Mama teething jewelry's goal is to make the baby teething phase a little more bearable while looking great on mums at a price fitting everyone!

Hope you enjoy it!



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